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Garden Fence Services Garden fencing ranges from the purely functional overlap & closeboard styles through to the decorative trellis, palisade and continental ranges with ornate contoured profiles and stylish designs.

Overlap Fencing

Traditional overlapping fencing is an excellent all round option. Typically available in the following heights:

  • 1.830m
  • 1.525m
  • 1.220m
  • 0.915m


Closeboard offers a more substantial finish to overlap fencing, and is a better choice where children might climb or play football against. Closeboard is available in a range of custom heights:

Closeboard is also available in wave (top of the fence is contoured) and a variety of other decorative top finishes.


Continental fencing is available in a range of styles which are generally subject to availability. Continental styles offer a more aesthetic finish ideal for landscaped gardens. Continental style fences are generally available in the following standard heights:

  • 1.8m
  • 1.2m


Palisade fencing can be erected using off the shelf prefabricated panels or made to custom specification. Standard panels are available in the following heights:

  • 0.9m
  • 1.2m.
  • .

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