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During this period fruit trees can be pruned, normally around January or February. Vegetable areas can be dug over and manure incorporated into the ground. Flowerbeds can have their winter clean and tidy up, putting compost on for multch. Also a busy time for raking up leaves. Remember to compost, it makes great leaf mould.
Bulbs can be planted in beds or pots, ready for a wonderful spring show. Don't forget to do those winter jobs like cleaning your greenhouse and tiding your sheds out, and making sure your tools are cleaned and oiled. Start to think about booking your winter mower service.


Lawns can be given a new lease of life with a weed and feed, raking the moss out will encourage growth and let air into the lawn, getting ready for that long mowing season ahead. A time to admire the azaleas and rhododendrons colour, bedding your garden out now will give you a wonderful display for the summer. Vegetable seeds can be sown early spring or sooner to give a harvest later on. Roses can be pruned and planted in the spring.


Summer is a busy time in the garden with endless days of mowing; make sure your blade is nice and sharp to give a clean cut. Edges are very important to keep cut this time of year it finishes the job off when you have mowed. General weeding and hoeing at this time of year is essential to keep the garden in good order water any bedding that is needed when dry. A time to relax and admire your garden with a cool drink after you have trimmed the hedges most of all enjoy your garden it may be hard work but rewarding so let SGS take care of your needs.


Autumn is a time for planning your garden for next year, replanting plants and splitting them and repositioning them to the right area. Now is the time for cutting back herbaceous border plants which have flowered. Lawns can have a weed and feed applied to them to put some life back into them after a tiring summer, remove any dead moss and generally scarify reseed and turf where needed. Enjoy your autumn tints in your garden.

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